Wellness Appointments

Wellness Appointments for Non-Urgent Medical Services

Wellness Appointments are scheduled online for non-urgent medical services focused on maintaining your pet's overall health. These appointments cover routine care like vaccines, heartworm tests, wellness lab work, and general health check-ups. They are ideal for healthy pet visits, medication refills, new puppy/kitten visits, and establishing care for new patients.

Same-Day Appointments are reserved for pets that are sick or injured and need immediate attention. These appointments are not for routine wellness care but for addressing urgent medical concerns. 

Please note that our staff follows specific guidelines to determine the eligibility of visits for each appointment type.

You may scheduled Wellness Appointments online with WVAH Gladstone: Schedule a Wellness Appointment Now!

Pets that are Sick or Injured are not eligible for Wellness Appointments and will need to be seen through our Same-Day Appointments by visiting or contacting WVAH Gladstone Hospital. 

Wellness Appointments are: 

● Brand New 

● Non-Urgent 

● Healthy Pet Visits 

Non-urgent Wellness Visits, such as:

● Sudden Ear Infection 

● Annual Exam for Medication Refills 

● Exam for Vaccines 

● New Puppy/Kitten Visit 

● New Patient Establishment 

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