Wellness Appointments

Same-Day Only Wellness Appointments for Non-Urgent Medical Services.

WVAH Gladstone's Same-Day Non-Urgent Wellness Appointments will address a single concern or wellness item, such as vaccines, heartworm tests, annual wellness lab work, or general health questions relating to your pet's overall health.

Same-Day Appointments are scheduled by contacting WVAH Gladstone at (503) 505-9013, starting at 8:00am each day. Receptionists will lead clients through a short screening process to determine if a visit qualifies as a Non-Urgent Wellness Appointment.

Pets that are sick or injured are not eligible for wellness visits and will need to be seen through our walk-in service.

Appointments are: 

● Brand New 

● Same Day Only 

● Non-Urgent 

● Healthy Pet Visits 

Same day appointments are for non-urgent wellness visits, such as:

● Sudden ear infection 

● Annual exam for medication refills 

● Exam for vaccines 

● New Puppy/Kitten Visit 

● New Patient Establishment 

How does this work? 

WVAH Gladstone's phones turn on at 8:00am Monday thru Friday. 

WVAH Gladstone receptionists will ask you a couple of questions to determine if your visit qualifies as a Wellness Appointment or if your pet(s) needs are better suited for our Walk-In Service. 

The first appointment will be available at 8:30 am. Please arrive no later than 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. 

Should you arrive late, you can either choose to call on a different day for another appointment or switch to walk-in and be added to the current walk-in queue. 

Please understand that staff have specific instructions regarding what types of visits that will be eligible. You may not agree with the decision relating to your pet(s) eligibility for an appointment, but please be patient as we work out any kinks in this new service.

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