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Welcome to Willamette Valley Animal Hospital

We believe every pet deserves responsible, quality veterinary care. Through innovative thinking, we provide quality, affordable veterinary care by solving your pet’s problems and doing the right thing, not the most expensive thing, but the right thing, with your pet’s best interest at the heart of each decision between you and your veterinarian – every time, without exception.


Because doing the right thing matters.



• Pet Microchips: $18.00 each Pet (No Appointments Necessary)



• Savings on Pet Nail Trims

            Dogs: $8.00 each

            Cats: $7.50 each 



• (New!) 10% off all X-Rays, Out-House Blood Work and Most In-House Blood Work

• (Still want a discounted exam anytime you come in? Check out our Wellness Fundamentals Plans or a Gold Paw Membership)



• Vaccine Value Day **Now all day**

• Dog Owners Save up to: $16.30 per pet

• Cat Owners Save up to: $8.95 per pet



• Savings on FELV/FIV Testing

•Save on Anal Gland Expressions



• Want to take advantage of our daily specials, but you can only come on Saturdays? Ask us about our Gold Paw Memberhip!

• $70 a Year for up to 2 Pets

• $130 a Year for up to 3 Pets

• Gold Paw Membership Exclusive – $17.75 Exam Prices!




* The Last Friday of Every Month is Feline Final Friday *

* All Cat Specials on One Special Friday *


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