About Us

Willamette Valley Animal Hospital

At Willamette Valley Animal Hospitals we are in business because we believe every pet deserves affordable, quality veterinary care.

Our mission is to provide unique, quality, compassionate and affordable veterinary care to the people and pets of our community through our innovative business model, while giving back to the community we serve.

We strive to:

  • Offer clients savings on veterinary care through our Daily Specials.
  • Provide quality and compassionate veterinary care through the use of the most progressive and current veterinary medical practices.
  • Give back to our community through our participation in community events and working with local rescue organizations
  • Medical Services
  • Anesthesia Services
  • Engage in unique veterinary care methods
  • Acupuncture Therapy
  • Laser Therapy
  • Chiropractic Services

Give back to our community through our participation in community events and working with local rescue organizations

  • WildCat Ridge Sanctuary
  • Meow Village
  • Oregon Dog Rescue
  • Homeless Connect
  • Serving Our Veterans At Home

Good People

Willamette Valley Animal Hospitals believe their customers should feel welcome, informed and comforted that their pet is under the best care; treating customers the way that we would like to be treated. We employ people that are willing to go above and beyond. Caring about the pets and their humans, knowing what it's like to be a pet parent ourselves is what makes our staff knowledgeable and compassionate.

Helping Our Own

Giving back to the communities that support Willamette Valley Animal Hospitals is important to us. As part of a whole, each Willamette Valley Animal Hospital gives back to their own neighborhood. Our hospitals donate to local charities and schools, and collect for an emergency fund that allows us to help pets in dire need by giving free or discounted services and medications: The Happy Ending Fund.

It Takes A Village

We work with local rescues by hosting events that provide healthcare services and fundraising efforts. Wonderful members of the WVAH team donate their time and expertise and Students from OSU Veterinary Program are often invited for hands on experience with our veterinarians during these events

Happily Ever After

The hospitals Happy Ending Fund is built on donations from our valued clients and a portion of our profits so that we can help those pets whose lives are at stake. Money should not have to be the deciding factor for responsible pet owners on a budget. In 2013, Willamette Valley Animal Hospitals donated over eleven thousand dollars in goods and services to more than fifty families in the Salem-Keizer area.

Pay It Forward

We stay in the loop with the next generation of veterinarians and technicians. Teaming up with Oregon State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, Willamette Valley Animal Hospitals offer vet students hands-on experience through vaccine events and externships, ensuring that next generation of veterinary medicine has every opportunity available to learn.

Living Green

This Earth is the only one we have. Willamette Valley Animal Hospitals actively recycle office products, such as paper, plastics, and cardboard; using biodegradable materials when able.