Appointments are for Non-Urgent Doctor Visits Only. Such As: Annual Exams, New Patient Visits, Exams for Vaccines, New Puppy/Kitten Visits, Non-Urgent Medical Needs.
Please, do not schedule Technician Visits (Nail Trims, Anal Gland Expressions, Vaccine Boosters, and other services not requiring a Veterinarian) or you will be charged a Full Exam Price.

Pets that are Sick or Injured need to be seen directly through Walk-In Service at WVAH Gladstone.

Existing Clients: Please use email and phone number that is listed on your account with the hospital.
If you have questions or concerns regarding your upcoming appointment Contact WVAH Gladstone:
(503)-535-9755 or
(Appointments are only available at WVAH Gladstone.)