Today we bought in our dog because he was acting weird. He wasn't eating and wasn't wanting to walk around which is very weird and unusual for him. When we arrived we sat and waited for about 10 minutes. I then asked the staff if their was anyway to get him in sooner. At that point their were only 2 other people waiting to be seen. So the staff without saying anything just took him into the back and did an exam. Our dog must have gotten into something.

My 1 yr old cat had to be put down due to a severe infection that was in her lungs and her head... it was a very hard choice. The staff there and the Vet that helped me throughout her illness and in her ending moments. VERY compassionate and knowledgeable staff. Thank you.

This is a great place to being you fur babies. My whole family comes to this place. I drive all the way from Springfield to come here.

Omg... I took my Roxy girl for a run at Keizer Rapids park today. She took off after something and was gone for almost 10 minutes. When she came back she was shaking her head and scratching her right ear. I couldn't see anything so I rushed her to the Willamette Valley Animal Hospital as I just took her a few weeks ago there to get her shots....no appointment. .. just walked in and they brought her in right away.

We absolutely love Dr. Lipanovich. Our bun does too. She explains everything in such amazing detail and helps us understand what is actually happening with our rabbit. We won't go to anyone else if we can help it.

We were on vacation in Salem when we needed to take our little doggie in and help her cross over the rainbow bridge. I called their office and the young man told me to go ahead and come on man and that we would not need to sit in the waiting room but they would have a room set up for us. The doctor came in and went over all of our options. After deciding that we would go ahead with it the vet took her in to get her IV while we filled out the paperwork. She came back with a baby who had her Paul wrapped up with little heart bandages and explain to us the entire process. After it was all done she wrapped her up and placed her in a box so we could take her home and bury her. The vet then gave me a huge hug and said she was so sorry and allowed us to go out the back door instead of having to walk through the lobby with other people.