Walk-In Services

We urge 
Gladstone Hospital clients to make use of our Curbside Services allowing them to wait in their vehicle during their visit.

Updated Safety & Check-In Policies

WVAH Gladstone Clients: Please Check-in via phone from your vehicle on arrival.
WVAH Gladstone Clients: Walk-In Doctor visits may stop early if maximum patient capacity is reached for the day.

WVAH Tualatin Clients: Check-in at reception. Tualatin Hospital is not offering Curbside Check-in at this time.

Out of respect for all our clients and staff, we will be reopening with the following protocols:

  • In Person Check In / Out: Staff will bring you and your pet(s) to an exam room. Please limit yourselves to One or Two individuals. Once your visit is complete, please have a seat in our lobby. Check-Out will be conducted at the Front Desk and a receptionist will call you up once your bill is ready.
  • Curbside Service Check In / Out: [Offered at WVAH Gladstone Only.] Check-In by phone, following Curbside Service Instructions found below. Clients will be asked to wait in their vehicle during their visit. Staff will greet you and your pet(s) at your vehicle to collect them for their appointment. You will be contacted by Phone when your appointment is completed to discuss any details and proceed with any payments.
  • Nail Trims & Anal Gland Expression: These services will continue to be provided via Curbside Service. Please follow Curbside Instructions below when you've arrived.
  • Food & Prescription Medication Purchases: You may come into our lobby to purchase these items. Please call to check-in if you will have your pet with you when you come in.
  • Face Masks: Masks are Optional at this time.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding in working with us through this transition. It has been a difficult year for everyone and we will continue to make changes to our protocols to provide a safe environment for all clients, patients and staff.

Curbside Concierge Service Instructions

Please check in from your vehicle by calling our front desk.

Provide your name, contact number and reason for visit. We may have follow-up questions to better understand your medical needs.

  1. A member of our staff will retrieve your pet for their visit.
  2. Wait patiently until a Doctor contacts you to discuss your pet’s results.
  3. Staff will return your pet to you in your vehicle and go over check-out with you then.

Current Clients: If you are a current client with an ongoing medical issue that we are treating, we welcome you to email your veterinarians for advice and medication refills.

Emergency Services: If you believe your pet is having a medical emergency, let our staff know immediately upon your arrival.