Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy for Pets – Keizer, OR
Dr. Sheri Morris, our owner, and a Diplomate of the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners (Canine and Feline Practice) has recently become credentialed in Regenerative Medicine to perform stem-cell therapy on our canine patients.

Regenerative stem cell therapy is an exciting new field of study and therapy in both human and animal medicine. The therapy uses adult stem cells collected from any individual animal’s own fat deposits, and concentrates those cells to be injected into the same patient to help in several types of chronic diseases. Stem cells are primitive cells that are self-renewing, present in many tissues, and can be easily harvested by the veterinarian. These cells can differentiate into many different tissues when injected into an area of injury. They produce growth factors, and anti-inflammatory mediators, they block scarring, and help to decrease scarring that is present. They can modulate the immune system, and are potent natural anti-inflammatories. They can even go to distant sites of injury.

Chronic diseases that are currently treated with stem cell therapy include osteoarthritis, fractures, tendon injuries, and non-healing wounds in dogs and horses. Potential exciting new applications include chronic hepatitis, and autoimmune diseases like immune polyarthritis.

Stem cell therapy, used in horses and dogs, offers the hope of pain control in our osteoarthritis patients that are non-responsive to traditional therapy, those that are too sick for surgical intervention, or ones that surgery has failed to make pain free. The procedure comes with almost no side effects. In studies, more than 80% of dogs showed improved quality of life after treatment according to owners and veterinarians.

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