Gold Paw Membership

Gold Paw grants members the benefits of our Daily Specials on any day of the week for an entire year; including an exclusive Gold Paw Members Exam price!

A Gold Paw Membership can save you hundreds each year!

Membership Cost:

  • $70 a Year for up to 2 Pets.

  • $130 a Year for 3 or more Pets.

Notice: Gold Paw Membership Prices increased by $10 on November 24th, 2015.

Must Purchase in person at any Willamette Valley Animal Hospital Location. Gold Paw Gift Certificates available upon request.

Membership Benefits:

  • Gold Paw Exam Exclusive – $17.75 in Salem & Keizer or $21.50 in Tualatin

  • Pet Microchips – $17 Each

  • Nail Trims – $8 per Dog & $7.50 per Cat

  • 10% Off X-Rays

  • 10% Off Out-of-House & Most In-House Blood Work

  • Vaccine Value Special: Save up to $16.30 per Dog & up to $8.95 per Cat

  • FELV/FIV Tests – $30.35

  • Anal Gland Expressions – $10.25

Speak with any Willamette Valley Animal Hospital staff member about signing up for Gold Paw Membership to start saving today!

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